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Modifying a Dorfman dress form

Stitching batting to a Dorfman form to fit a 1950s dress

Modifying a Dorfman form

Modifying a Dorfman form to fit a 1950s dress

Cutting Signs for Exhibit

Using a mat cutter to create signs for an exhibit.

Sculpting a Baby Bump

Teaching an undergrad collection assistant how use Ethafoam boards to sculpt a baby bump for maternity clothes.

Garments in Historic Collection
Fiber Analysis

Microscopic analysis of fibers from a 1930s wedding veil.

Dressing a Mannequin

Dressing a mannequin in preparation for photographing the garment.


Photography setup at University of Georgia.

1860s Bodice

An 1860s bodice from my personal collection, being shown in History of Costume class in its acid-free box.

Making Arms

Making mannequin arms out of stable materials for costume mounting.

Dressform, Fosshape & Ethafoam

Carving Ethafoam for one of the Fosshape dress forms created for work in the collection. "Winona" has a Fosshape body with Ethafoam hips for support.

Mannequin Carved from Fosshape

Sculpting a clone of "Winona," my Fosshape mannequin, in Ethafoam, for the university collection.

Sculpted Ethafoam Mannequin

Completed carved Ethafoam mannequin.

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